Jaap van Duijvenbode

Welcome to the website of Jaap van Duijvenbode.

I’ve have been creative in quite a couple of ways over the last 31 years: foremost I have expressed myself using my guitar, and songwriting, but the last couple of years I’ve become an active underwater photographer trying to push the envelope in composition, strobing techniques and animal behavior.

Besides running a company HammerBill Networks focussed on WAN Optimization and Network Management, I prioritize to be the best husband for Anja and be the greatest daddy for my daughter Loïs.

I co-founded one of The Netherlands’ ground breaking new-metal bands: SMOGUS. The days without Youtube, MySpace, and Facebook I do remember well; hand-glueing CD covers and preparing demo’s for promotional activities, and recording on analogue media forced us to become well-seasoned musicians over time. Between 2000 and 2006 we played around 100 live shows in a whole bunch of venues, such as Melkweg, Paradiso, 013, Ozzfest festival, Noorderslag festival and the holy Lowlands festival. Being entrepreneurs in the DIY principle, we managed to hit No.1 in the charts with our single ‘Nasty’ and ‘Don’t Care’ on the Box music video station.

Right after this wild ride I started underwater photography using analogue Sea&Sea MotorMarine 2 camera’s and Fuji Velvia film. After shooting pictures on a numerous amount of dives in Bonaire, and increased expenses for the films used (stowed away in the fridge), I started using DSLR camera’s by the end of 2005.

I try to be as creative as possible, and find my inspiration in UW-photographers such as Martin Edge and Alex Mustard.

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